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Ernő Zórád: The Stolen Miniature

Exhibition date: 
31 October - 24 November 2001

Paintings made in kArtonMűhely (kArton workshop), e.g. Cyrano, Oliver Twist; works made for contemporaries, e.g. Seething Fields, Tamás Bradly Hits Back, Murder in Hotel Fudzsijama, and apart from that the complete Mysterious Automatons and the slides!

kArton opened its gallery on 31 October 2001 with an Ernő Zórád exhibition titeled The Stolen Miniature. The introducing exhibition is a selection from the collection of the museum. The exhibition involves two parts. In the outer area of kArtonGaléria paintings made with the direction of Ernõ Zórád; in the inner area selections from the comics titled Seething Fields, Tamás Bradly Hits Back and Murder in Hotel Fudzsijama made for contemporaries can be seen.

‘Ernő Zórád could be listened to for days when he starts speaking about his life. His adventures reminds us Krúdy’s novels; I could easily think him to be a knight-errant of the Tabán from the figures of the ‘Mist Knights’, a sage from an old wine-shop in Józsefváros drinking wine-spritzer. He is well up in life, he slept in the free shelter of Salvation Army, he used to be a picture hawker, a footballer, an amateur actor and singer in the courts of the tenement houses in Pest. He lived in mansions, in furnished rooms and the inn named after the Queen of England. This was one side of his life. The other is of the excellent drawer. Keen observer who recorded gestures, characters and the old Tabán so well. By his terribly great knowledge of drawing his ambitions would have taken him somewhere else but under the pressure of circumstances he became a drawer of comics. The drawer of comicks who is among the best of the world.’

/Péter Kucka/