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Gerhard Glück

Exhibition date: 
29 August - 21 September 2002

Caricature is one of the most adaptable forms of art. It is capable of setting forth unusual relationships. Caricature also expresses the humorous and generally critical, thought provoking, outspoken and truth-seeker opinion of festivals, the street or daily, weekly and monthly papers.

‘Caricature is the one that is worthy of the name. What it is alien from is passing whim. It is rather the result of a designing, what is more, premeditated and deliberate game. Typical overemphasizing of characteristic features, practising offensively upon weakness, deliberate ripping of the single hair distinguishing the magnificent from the ridiculous. It is not at all that harmless as the view of a distorting mirror. It is a critical, evaluative and judging activity. With some exaggeration: it is of undermining type. It is attack on every greatness. It provides against trees growing up to the sky.’ (Aurél Kárpáti, 1930)

Owing to its deep-seated conviction of the greatness and usefulness of comics and caricature and the love of the art forms, kArton would like to dedicate 3-4 exhibitions to them by exhibiting Hungarian and international artists.

Gerhard Glück

The artist born in 1944 in Bad Vilbel who lives in Kassel nowadays has published his first caricature as a teacher. Between 1966 and 1970 he was pursuing his studies in the field of designing graphics in Kassel. Between 1972 and 1975 he took part in art teacher training here. Between 1984 and 1985 he taught illustration and caricature at the Kassel Academy of Fine Arts. His first illustration was published in 1973 at the paper Süddeutche Zeitung. His illustrations are published at several papers nowadays too, just like NZZ-folio, Amadeo, Eulenspiegel and Zeit. His first book was published in 1994 titled Ansichtssache. Later books by him were published in 1994, titled Fisch a la Caricature, in 1997 titled Aus dem Leben von Mona Lisa and in 2001 titled Gezeiten.

In 1998 Glück was awarded by the Art Director’s Club, Germany (Golden Medal) prize, in 2000 the German Caricaturist Award prize and in 2001 he was placed second at the German Caricaturist Award.