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Peter Hecker - hecker travel

Exhibition date: 
19 February 19 - 20 March 2004

kArton Gallery presents the latest works of Péter Hecker from 2003/2004. The title of the exhibition is "Hecker Travel," which in itself gives an idea of the theme of these pieces.

Everyone travels. During our travels, however, we often experience some absurd moments. The irony of these moments only become truly noticeable in the photographs that were taken during the journey, but developed later. We cannot take these things back in retrospect. Especially not if someone produces a painting of it, and a rather large one at that, while at the same time lifting it out of the travel-context. In this way, others can share in the story, for example, which Hecker relates as follows: The middle aged man pretends to be playing the guitar at Hét-forrás, or The little boy has his photo taken with a borrowed dog. "It is all about the large surface planes dominating the image field, the homogenous, unshaded colours, the sketchy facial features composed of only a few lines, the characteristic frontal composition - reminiscent of the naivité of children's drawings, or of Egyptian art - and solutions which simplify, or altogether ignore, the realistic dimensions of space."

While through the works exhibited last year, we got a chance to meet the artist's personal friends and acquaintances, now it would appear that his earlier depictions of scenarios, strange group compositions and favourite moments taken from everyday life, make their return.

The ironic texts of the paintings that are based on well-composed photos - private or found - inspire the viewer to concoct strange stories.

Decker: http://exindex.c3.hu/tema/index.php3?kritikafile=hecker.html&kr_id=103