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Komixxx Project @ Budapest

Exhibition date: 
13 September – 4 October 2013

Komixxx Project @ Budapest

Jan Chlup (cz), Juliána Chomová (cz), Pavel Pražák (cz), Haránt Artúr (hu), Stark Attila (hu), Szabó Levente (hu)

Opening: 12 September 2013,  7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Official afterparty at wndrlnd, from 10 p.m. (http://wndrlnd.hu)

On view: 13 September – 4 October 2013


Komixxx project was launched in 2011 as a series of exhibitions in Brno set in cafes, clubs and public spaces. The basic aim of the project is to show the works of contemporary comics artists to the public. It is an atypical large-format exhibition created directly on the walls of the exhibition space. They cooperate with „classic” comics drawers as well as artists from other fields of art (e.g. conceptual artists, street artists, graphic designers and new media artists).This year the project crossed the country’s borders and came to Hungary. Three Czech and Hungarian artist will present their works in the kArton gallery. They will „traditionally” bring their own works, but as a common project will paint together, on the spot in the gallery’s space. 



Jan Chlup studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Currently he is working on multiple series, which are mutually related. The formal base of these series is the phased view, which always covers more than the natural radius of the human eye. With the enlarging of this idea a new cognitive space emerges and allows us to explore the relationship between time, visible space and content. Each series differs in the appearance which is determined by the topic and focus of the series. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRkzRMa2ukY ). His work is strongly influenced by video work and is probably driven by obsessive urge to capture everything that he has ever seen or experienced. http://chlupjan.blogspot.hu/

Juliána Chomová was born in Košice and graduated at VŠVU in Bratislava. She now lives in Prague, where she continues her master studies of illustration at VŠUP. She is the member of an independent creative group, KudlaWerkstatt, (http://www.kudlawerkstatt.tumblr.com  ) that focuses on alternative printing activities. She experiments with various medias and techniques, from pastiche through stencil, screen print and installations to short animations. She has also been a publisher for several years (http://www.kudlapress.tumblr.com ). Juliána started working on comics a few years ago, which she embraced and continues to work on to this day. Besides comics, she also illustrates various books and articles in magazines. http://www.julianachomova.tumblr.com

Pavel Pražák (Pavel Magda) has studied performance, intermedia and body design at FAVU. At that time, in his opinion, the most interesting work he did was either one-man performances in the city and in the outdoors or somehow connected to music or video. At FAVU he founded and conducted an amateur choir (http://www.galeriemagda.cz/sbor/). Nowadays, he spends most of his time in his profession -  ie. programming - and works in the 3D studio of FAVU and runs courses of 3D optical digitalisation for his students. Beside his work he devotes himself to music, recently mainly gong. He is a raw-vegan and wants to switch to prana. http://www.galeriemagda.cz/magda/

Artúr Haránt graduated from Nyíregyháza College in 2006. He has coloured comics like Pinkhell anthology and now the Dark Age series. He illustrates Zoltan Jeney's Rév Fülöp books. He’s one of the editors of Direkt Fanzine. He has won several contests like the 1st prize for the Ministry of National Defence competition with The Package. In 2012 he was awarded Alfabéta prize for his Jazz comics, which was based on Peter Arva-Szabo's poem. That's why he was asked to make the poster of 9th Budapest International Comics Festival. He likes visualising mainly the nature of things not their external appearances. http://www.flickr.com/photos/s9txe/

Attila Stark is a graphic designer, painter, member of the 1000% group. He loves monkeys, grimaces and movements, air and crowdedness, and the reverse of everything. His visual world is defined by the city life, the symbols of subculture and his deliberately misdrawn, neo-primitive figures. The intertwining of expressive gestures and graphic elements form his pictures, which, completed with Hungarian and foreign language comments and notes become funny, ironic and self-reflective works. He designs posters for Roham bar, festivals and bands, decorates pubs, paints on walls. He is the creator of Kulo City, an important product of „chaos aesthetics”  and alternative comics, the imprint of the turn of the century Budapest, with all its parties, exhilaration and lethargy.  http://kulocity.com

Levente Szabó finished his studies as a graphic designer, worked as a concept artist, published some award winning comics and currently earns a living as an illustrator. While he envies other artists who spend years in only one field or style, he believes that life changes you more often and it should be mirrored in the works as well. This, or he just gets bored too quickly to do the same thing over and over. But no matter what he's doing, his style is focusing on the drawing skill and the playful set of positive-negative spaces. But his greatest achievement is his outstanding carrot pie. It's really good. http://www.briskgraphics.com/


Juliána Chomová
Szabó Levente
Haránt Artúr
Pavel Pražák
Stark Attila