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The Last Minits

Exhibition date: 
9 december - 20 januar 2011.

The Last Minits

Group exhibition of András (b) Baranyai , Zsolt Marton, Richárd Orosz and Attila Stark

Just a sec… I’m on it…

All the four members of The Last Minits are graphic artists, who stand on several feet at once, draw, paint, sculpt, make installations… they’ve got used to working by deadlines, scheduling their lives according to them, always making huge efforts in the last week. Working for 24 hours for weeks, portfolios completed at the very morning of the state exam, final touches at the corridor….
Four artists are preparing for the deadline of 8 December in kArton gallery.

András Baranyai (b) this time populates his Keith Haring – pop style world with recycled heroes. The haphazard tinkered-up figures of Hero Recycle made from different shoddy plastic factory products and toys take a new lease of life in the form of acryl paintings and unique stencilled pictures. New and newer and newest friends.

Zsolt Marton, who was born on the fifteenth of November in nineteen seventy-seven in Budapest, and who’s talent outshone even in the primary school… so, he brings pictures. Pictures looking through us, looking into the kidney - and into the liver, heart, lungs and spleen – the anatomy of cartoon figures.  And Mrożek illustrations, glued –cut – transformed.

Richárd Orosz couldn’t wait showing his freshest figural boxes. These are not simple boxes with figures though, but small flats in which the characters are set in different situations.  There will be some painted waifs, for example an ironing board turned into a surf board, plus the “simple” paintings.

Attila Stark also presents fresh works, there’ll be some new, previously never shown pop artish acryl-canvas piece, in the style of non-existent posters randomly cut out from magazines. Besides there come the objects, sculptures made from transformed, “completed” findings à la Stark.
And the extra score is the work of the Four, done together ‘in situ” in the kArton gallery.

And how it’s going to become one homogeneous, well-organised, funky exhibition? 

Well, with a common movie phrase – The panic will pull it through!

Baranyai (b) András
Marton Zsolt
Orosz Richárd
Stark Attila