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Not shaping - just waiting out. No growth - just buildup.

Exhibition date: 
22 January - 26 February 2016

Lőrinc Borsos : Self-citical Portrait

Co-autors: Kata Oltai, Gábor Szenteleki


Latarka, 13 January - 4 February 2016
kArton, 22 January - 26 February 2016
115-106., 21 January - 28 February 2016


Curator: Kata Oltai

“Lőrinc Borsos is a fictitious contemporary artist called to life by János Borsos and Lilla Lőrinc in 2008. He is active mainly in the genres of painting and installation, but being faithful to conceptual traditions, he never stops seeking the most appropriate medium, technique and language for addressing the explored context. Besides projects of a personal tone, he reflects on current and universal social and political phenomena.” This was how the artist duo defined themselves in 2013. They invited Gábor Szenteleki and Kata Oltai to temporally extend their personality.

The present exhibition is part of the closing series of events for the project entitled Self-critical Portrait, which digests this period in the career of the artists. In addition to a detailed presentation of the process, the apartment gallery 115-106 expounds a quasi-micro-perspective – female-male polarity, gender, gender reflection, while Latarka gallery opens a broader context through a macro-perspective.

Gábor Szenteleki’s creative attitude springs from classical traditions of painting, while Lőrinc Borsos represents the objectifying or, conversely, de-objectifying attitude of conceptual art: the exhibition draws up one possible intersection of these two different attitudes. However, the exhibiting artists show similar traits, such as the appropriation and rewriting of classical topoi of art history; their analytical, observant nature; the blending of bestiality and humanity; the tendency for irony and self-irony; or the blasphemy and confusion of the holy trinity of art-artwork-artist.

The exhibition is part of the project Lőrinc Borsos: Self-critical Portrait, on display simultaneously at three venues (kArton gallery, Latarka gallery, 115-106 apartment gallery).
More informations: https://www.facebook.com/onkritikusportre, https://borsoslorinc.com/

Lőrinc Borsos is a free creature. He bears traits that are defined by the spirit of the age and his living space, and he is not bound by physical laws characteristic of life forms that have a physical form. He is neither a woman nor a man – perhaps both –, he is sexual and asexual – perhaps homosexual. He is self-aware, wilful, sometimes insecure, lazy or agile. He does not age, nor die, and is capable of anything. Already at birth he was creating complete oil canvases, winning awards and causing minor scandals.

More informations: https://www.facebook.com/onkritikusportre