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Pekka of Finland

Exhibition date: 
10 February 2012 – 23 March 2012

Pekka of Finland – a selection of the best Finnish illustrators’ works

In cooperation with the Finnagora Finnish Cultural Institute (www.finnagora.hu) and the kArton Gallery the best graphic designers of Finland came to Hungary and can be seen in kArton. The Pekka of Finland exhibition (http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pof/) is the ambassador of Finnish illustration during the World Design Capital Helsinki program series throughout 2012. (http://wdchelsinki2012.fi/en ).

Many talented, successful and even world famous illustrators live and work in today’s Finland. Their works fill the covers and the pages of the most well-known international magazines, appear on album covers, dresses, homepages and naturally commercial campaigns. There is only one tiny little problem: we cannot know them personally as their works are most often anonym ones.

However this exhibition puts the illustrator-authors in the focus. The works of Inka Järvinen, Sanna Mander, Rami Niemi, Lotta Nieminen, Janine Rewell, Pietari Posti, Minni Havas, Sac Magique, Ville Savimaa and Antti Uotila are presented in the space of the kArton gallery – literally, since the exhibition is not made for walls, but shown in „travelling boxes”.

There will be posters influenced by the characteristic Finnish landscapes, the Finnish version of the Three Gracia, pink elephants conveying social messages, wooden merry-go-round, the flowery fields in a beer bottle or works suggesting the world of the Finnish lakes.
Connected to the Pekka of Finland exhibition there will be other programmes in the kArton Gallery.

On 8 March 2012 there will be a Finnish Professional Day, and also we will hold a thematic children’s workshop, finally a Finnish-Hungarian Closing Party on 23 March with many surprises.

Opening: 9 February 2012, 7 p.m.

Opened by: Pasi Pöysäri minister counsellor, Embassy of Finland

On view: 10 February – 23 March 2012


Inka Järvinen: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/inka_jarvinen_pekka.pdf

Sanna Mander: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/sanna_mander_pekka.pdf

Rami Niemi: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/rami_niemi_pekka.pdf

Lotta Nieminen: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/lotta_nieminen_pekka.pdf

Janine Rewell: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/janine_rewell_pekka.pdf

Pietari Posti: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/pietari_posti_pekka.pdf

Minni Havas: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/minni_havas_pekka.pdf

Sac Magique: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/sac_magique_pekka.pdf

Ville Savimaa: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/ville_savimaa_pekka.pdf

Antti Uotila: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/pdf/antti_uotila_pekka.pdf

Santtu Mustonen: http://www.pekkafinland.fi/illustrators/santtu-mustonen/