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Péter Hecker 2001

Exhibition date: 
28 November - 22 December 2001

Péter Hecker’s seven large-size paintings - not shown so far - will be on in his solo exhibition. In 1999 Péter Hecker’s works of social criticism - with texts, based on photos - were followed by paintings whose characters are odd but ordinary figures at the same time in their peculiar circumstances. New parts of this ‘series’ will be exhibited in kArton, among them: Uncle Pali is swinging, Panni with a Pet Rat, Karcsi with Cold Cuts, Csaba and Emese with Grey Cattle, Andi with a Bunny on a Reaper-thresher, Two Old Hippies Suffering from Hay-fever are Wiping Each Other’s Nose, Sanyi Pretending Making a Call Through a Rose. The bases of the paintings are usually private photos selected by Hecker from the director of photography, Sándor Kardos’s Horus Archívum. The artist experiments with the new quality of the unsuccessful pictures as well when the characters of the photos become the characters of the paintings.

‘In my works I am searching situations worth painting where the heroes of the pictures are trying to create their own image. Though, owing to the awkwardness of the situation or the luck they tell us more about themselves, us, than a confession made in a fit of straightforwardness. ‘ - says Péter Hecker about his recent pictures.