Before / After - Direkt Fanzine 8.

Exhibition date: 
2015. március 6 - április 30.

The Direct Fanzine, that was first published in 2006, can be regarded as a 'veteran' in the business. The fanzine was established by the visual communications faculty students of the College of Nyíregyháza, and the circle of graphic artists soon broadened with street art artists, comics artists and graphic artists from Budapest and Debrecen.

The columnar member of the contemporary Budapest zine culture, the Direkt, first published completely free-themed illustrations, then in later numbers the publication obtained a more definite outline, the artists made illustrations of a common, given topic.  Thus the sixth fanzine entitled Zsiráfablak showed the humorous redifining of the cultic children's encyclopedia or the seventh, Bestiarium Hungaricum, presented existing and imaginary, oddly named creatures of Hungarian culture and folklore in two colors.

The latest, eighth number is entitled BEFORE / AFTER, and will premiere in kArton gallery combined with an exhibition. The eighth concept fanzine again presents excellent graphic artists in the publication: Artúr Haránt, József Fekete, Zsolt Karóczkai, Zoltán Fritz, Péter Koppányi, Péter Nagy, Sándor Márton, Andrea Zámbori, István Halász, Ervin Haránt, Gergely Fórizs, Levente Szabó, Soma Sebesvári, Tibor Győri, Antal Takács, Dávid Kozma, Anikó Takács, Márk László, Dániel Csordás, Szabolcs Tebeli, Miklós Felvidéki, Máté Lukács, Zoltán Fehér, Dávid Tripsánszki, Éva Jámbor, Attila Stark, Jaromír Plachý, and Dávid Gutema.

The "editorial crew" of the Direct Fanzine again executed the task of the illustration in precise design works, and despite the fact that each page has a high degree of formal diversity – each artist has his/her own style and approach - the end result is a consistent, professional publication.

And what will be on the walls? A little old, a little new, a little colourful, a little monochrome, some originals, some prints ... That is the illustrations from the Before / After fanzine, the Bestiarium Hungaricum and Zsiráfablak, and a selection from the Direkt 1-5.

The Direct Fanzine 8. Before / After can be purchased int he kArton gallery during the time of the opening and the whole exhibition.

Opening: March 5, 2015, 7 p.m.
Location: kArton gallery, 1054,18  Alkotmány street
Opened by: Péter Koppányi
On view: 6 March  - 30 April 2015

Fehér Zoltán
Haránt Artúr
Jaromir Plachy
Győri Tibor, Gutema Dávid, Szabó Levente
Fekete József
Halász István
Fórizs Gergely