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Ágnes Eperjesi - The gentle art of making food

Exhibition date: 
31 October - 23 November 2002

kArton Galéria is pleased to present Ágnes Eperjesi's newest exhibition on show. This time the exhibited works - like the artist's earlier works - are not far from the world of household tricks either. She presents visual variations of cooking advice - The Gentle Art of Making Food -, recipes and kitchen tricks. The artist works with the instructions - hand painted this time - drawn on small pieces of cellophane as photo negatives that are enlarged on photographic paper then.

Not only make the pieces of cooking advice and illustrated recipes food preparing look graphic (and easier through this) but also they show paraphrases from art history. For those who use their kitchen not only for practical aims, we are pleased to announce that the artist has collected abundance of strawberry versions: Japanese strawberry, round strawberry, strawberry with a hole, bulging strawberry, double strawberry, etc. Owing to Ágnes Eperjesi these have been reproduced in forms of fridge decorating magnets, the favourite art form for most of us.