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Criss & Cross

Exhibition date: 
09 June - 27 July 2004

The exhibition titled "CRISS & CROSS - Swiss design for everyday use" features a special installation with products, objects and creations, which have become the trademarks of "Swissim."

A country's daily use of objects, their design, say a lot about its society, culture and history. The CRISS & CROSS exhibition presents in an original manner the vast variety of presently used products and the rich traditions of Swiss design. The viewer is presented with five large wooden travel boxes containing an arrangement of nearly four hundred creations of design: true treasures, living classics and young designers' ideas having taken form (ex: Richard Paul Lohse, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Hans Neuburg, Carlo Vivarelli, Armin Hofmann, Wolfgang Weingart, Daniel és Markus Freitag, Othmar Winterhalter, Antoine Cahen, Wolfgang Schädler, Hans Coray Hans Hilfiker, Adrian Frutiger).

The exhibition is a joint endeavour of the Hochparterre journal of architecture and design and the reFORM design agency. This work represented Switzerland at the fifth architectural biennale in Sao Paolo.

Units of the exhibition: •Up into the mountains: hotels, motels, mountain railways, posters, sporting goods, and fashion. •Evergreens: Toblerone chocolate, Swiss army knife, Le Corbusier chair - that is durable and good. •Cool and youthful: design of the young - Swiss shoes, towels, pins: the play of colour and form. •Small and beautiful - watches, clocks and music boxes, digital cameras and hearing aids. •The aesthetics of reading - the well-presented book as the masterpiece of design •Small helpers - well-thought out instruments for the kitchen and the office, for the house or the garden, for shopping or for fondue-making.

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