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György Brenner

Exhibition date: 
27 November 2002 - 04 Febuary 2003

György Brenner

kArton Gallery & Museum Múzeum is please to present the works of György Brenner from its collection completed with further works from private collections. Majority of the works were exhibited similarly assorted in Berlin in 1997 of which the publishing house, Temmen published a graphic album (Camping on Sunday, Life Goes on, Charity, Signal, The Novel of the Next Century, etc).

In the beginning, the self-educated Brenner worked as a photographer and a retoucher for the National Printing House. From 1961 his works were published in various daily and weekly papers (Magyar Nemzet/Hungarian Nation, Élet és Irodalom/Life and Literature). He is the contributor to Ludas Matyi/Goose Matt (a humour magazine) 1970-90, Új Ludas Matyi/New Goose Matt (a humour magazine) 1990-93 and Népszabadság/People's Liberty (a daily newspaper) from 1991. In 1993 there was a prize founded to his memory.

György Brenner was the kind of publicist who is able to present profound thoughts - often delicate political issues - with the greatest ease and humour. He became popular due to this prosaism - in the positive sense - and his figures full of character among other reasons. His tale-teller cartoons are demanding graphics and this sense they may strengthen the often mentioned doubtful position of the cartoon form.