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Igor Lazin: Director as a Way of Being

Exhibition date: 
17 May – 16 June 2007

As Igor Lazin (1964) is mostly known for his cartoons, animations, comics and book illustrations, perhaps few are aware that he also makes small sculptures and object assemblages. A few months ago he presented his uniquely fashioned clocks at Liget Gallery (“I would like to know what time it is!”). The works on exhibit at the kArton Gallery place one of the main figures of our corporate world, the Director, under the microscope. Igor Lazin widens the position, known as company leader, into an idiosyncratically interpreted concept: the pieces featured at the exhibition entitled “Director as a Way of Being” present our multifunctional, hedonistic, mustached, macho hero in various situations and settings. One minute he is zipping by in an oldtimer automobile or playing an amplified electric guitar, the next minute he is awaiting inspiration in a gently rocking boat. A manifest-like text on the theme informs us of the necessary requirements for filling the ardently desired directorial position (excerpt):

1. The Director is not a utopia. 2. The Director is happiness. 3. The Director is like a child. 4. The Director is naïve. 5. The Director is our clear conscience. 6. The Director is the best possible choice. 7. The Director means good quality 8. The Director is a special, irreproducibly unique personality. 9. The Director, as a way of being means the critical mass of the world’s happy idleness. 10.The Director is daring but does not know everything so he learns and exerts himself. 11. The Director can be afraid. 12. No Director can be found in clear water. 13. The Director is always maximal. 14. The Director represents goodness in the broadest possible meaning of the word.

The requirements – similarly to the 12 clauses issued by the Hungarian Pioneers’ Association – may seem a bit exaggerated: it is quite obvious that only the chosen ones can live up to the listed criteria. But anybody can be the chosen one! The small sculptures exhibited at the kArton Gallery are groups of objects consisting of found or purchased items and assembled pieces, in which Lazin has placed the director’s posed plasticine figure. The thematically grouped pieces, which are positioned in an assemblage-like manner, are supplemented by sketches that could easily be regarded as the storyboard of an animation in the making.

Igor Lazin pursued an education between 1985 and 1989 at the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Since the 90s, he has been doing illustration work for books and magazines, as well as short animations, comics and advertisements. He is also the author of children’s books. In 1999, he co-founded the MyFilm Studio and has been directing since. He made animations and advertisements at the Varga Studio between 1993 and 1999. Since 1997, he has been a host at Tilos Radio.

Exhibition highlights: Directors & Icons, Erin Gallery, Budapest, 2005. I have 33 (drawings and installations) Bohemia Gallery, Szentendre, 1997. EXHIBITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL ANGEL Exhibition of International Angels, Fonó Gallery, Budapest 1999 Flags for everybody (drawings and performance), C.E.S.T.A., Tabor, Czech Republic, 1999. Films (selection): BEASTS (1993) - Csaba Varga, Igor Lazin - independent film - film critics’ prize (Kecskemét 3rd animation film festival) - the best 40 films of years (Schondorfer film days) - participation in the animation festivals in Ottawa, Zagreb, Leipzig, Clermont-Ferrand, Cannes, etc.

THE DOOR OR WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THE DOOR IS CLOSED (1993) Igor Lazin - independent film - participation in festivals: Ottawa, Zagreb, Leipzig, Clermont-Ferrand, etc. THE LITTLE COW (2001) Igor Lazin - independent film HILDA’S STORY (2001) Igor Lazin - independent film A SMALL CHRISTMAS PROBLEM (2002) - animation, 3 min -distributed by Budapest Film, 90 copies were run by Multiplex cinemas in Budapest in December 2002