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Imre Sebők retrospective exhibition

Exhibition date: 
13 May - June 5 2009

In the middle of the 1940s, if a young man, in following the American trends, wanted to tack something up on his wall, he most likely found himself cuting up an issue of the humour magazine Pesti Izé. The covers of this periodical featured the famous foxy chicks drawn by Imre Sebők, which had a lot to do with the magazine’s success at the time, and also with the fact that the graphic artist later received even more significant commissions by the Hungarian press and a number of book publishers than before.

In addition to fiction works, he also illustrated dirt-cheap pulp magazines, made posters and a deck of playing cards featuring his lascivious female figures. As of 1957, along with Ernő Zórád and Pál Korcsmáros, he delivered serialised comics to the public on a daily basis. His mechanistic drawing only rarely gave way to painting, which he, in fact, always felt a closer affinity for. In addition to his family portraits, his activities as a painter are evidenced only by his watercolours made for the Slide Producing Company.

Only fragments of his rich oeuvre – of 50 years – have survived. Using original paintings, cartoons and comics, the exhibition seeks to paint as complete a picture of Imre Sebők’s unique, till now unappreciated, art, as possible.

curator: Bianka Zsigó