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Inspiral Sticker Days at kArton Gallery

Exhibition date: 
April 12 - 15 2016

Inspiral Sticker Days at kArton Gallery!

Exhibition opening: April 12, 2016. 19:00
Open: April 13 – 15, 2016.

Modern people are exposed to loads of information directly or indirectly just by walking the streets. One sees ads, commercials and billboards everywhere. We walk among them bored and preoccupied, selectively ignoring the most. No surprise, that in the crossfire of meaningless consumer prompting that lack any message or inspiration, one just tries to ignore everything on the street, sinking in smartphone displays, strolling the neighbourhood like zombies.
The aim of Inspiral Sticker Days is to inspire people through a subculture, that most don’t even recognize: sticker and poster design. If we get our heads out of our smartphones and look around, we can see several tiny surprises, gifts and messages waiting for us, sometimes even providing a little philosophical homework for our empty moments on the street.
If you would like to gain insight into the closed world of sticker making, and get to know the ways of new wave poster design, the methods of placement and the related social web, you are welcome to attend the exhibition opening at April 12, 2016. 19:00 at kArton Gallery.