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Last Minits 2.

Exhibition date: 
5 September - 3 October

Once upon a time there was a very successful exhibition in kArton, the Last Minits...

Four young titans (Andras Baranyai b., Zsolt Marton, Richard Orosz, Attila Stark) showed their works in 2011, and what they are capable of in the very last moments.
So we decided to continue the Last Minits series and every three years give the opportunity to four artist to show their talents.

So now, in September 2014, the time has come: the Last Minits 2. arrived, and four young titan and titana are here to present their newest creations. Let's see who they are!
Jozsef Fekete "Jofo" comes from Nyíregyháza, he finished in Eger as a publication editor and in Nyíregzháza at the faculty of drawing and visual communication. He has participated in several group exhibitions (Vienna, Budapest, etc.). He started as a graffiti artist, then dealt with decorations for pubs, and tried himself as a street artist. He made installations and land art works. Recently, he deals especially with monotipia and to the kArton he brings his latest posters and animation.

Jakócs Dorottya"Dorkja", was first a graffiti painter, then became a graphic artist. Besides her frivolous, contradictory and often surreal paintings she used deal with motion pictures and animation for the Umbrella creative studio, but she also worked as a designer for BP Clothing,  made extreme dolls or album covers for bands. Currently she works as a tattoo artist, too. Her paintings are mainly characterised by a powerful symbolism and a playing with associations and visual gags, meanwhile, physicality, femininity and the intertwining tales of childhood and adulthood also play a major role in them. She brings a surprise to kArton – her newest works.

Kata Moravszki is a student of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts at Graphic Artist faculty, whose paintings could be seen ain Csipesz bar or in WNDRLND. She participated in the Denkmaschinen in Vienna, thed SZAFT inKecskemét, and the Crosstalk - video festival in Budapest, and in 2013 she was also a graphic artist of the week. The most important feature of her work is the single-lined, contoured hand-drawing further elaborated on the computer. Mostly she draws illustrations and animated gifs. For her the source of inspiration can be any everyday thing, like an armpit seen on a public transport vehicle, but what we see from her on the wall is the summer's crisp, fresh imprint in posters.

Dávid Tripsánszki "Tripo" started to look at painting as the main perspective of his life under the hands of József and János Szurcsik. He works as a freelance artist. His drawings are mostly made with a ballpoint pen. He used to draw his own impressions, nowadays he depicts other people's fears, desires and dreams. With a provocative black humour he tries to ease the the tension and darkness generated by his images. His pictures are development stories - little handbooks of "self-discoveries". Recently he organized a charity Street Art Festival. His typical wall paintings can be seen on the streets of Budapest, on the Sziget Festival or all over the the country.

In addition to the individual works, just like the last time, they do not leave us without a group work: they will paint on the spot together
Oh, and they live happily ever after ...

Opening: September 4, 2014, 7 p.m.
Opened by: Nádudvari Noemi, esthete
On view: September 5 - October 3, 2014

Tripsánszki Dávid
Fekete József
Moravszki Kata
Jakócs Dorottya