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Let's come together - Comic strip lovers unite!

Exhibition date: 
26 September - 19 October 2002

kArton Galéria has organized Stripburek, an international comic strip exhibition this February. 'Let's come together' is the next step in this programme where we would like to present Hungarian representatives of this art form.
'Superheroes of America have entered Hungarian press market, cheap comics associated with 'scandalous cartoon' has recovered; however, Hungarian comics of artistic standard is still in a state of suspended animation. There would be plenty of it to be revived. Or to say, we have Hungarian comics traditions. True enough, it can not be preceded with what was allowed to lapse in the golden age in the 60's and the 70's, with drawings by Ernő Zórád, Imre Sebők and Pál Korcsmáros, and Tibor Cs. Horváth's texts. It can not be continued but taken as a starting point.' *
Exhibition between 26 September and 19 October consists of two parts: besides presenting the collection of kArton Galéria, (the works of Ernő Zórád and Imre Sebők) we are planning an exhibition under steady construction to present contemporary Hungarian material. Without thematic, technical and size restrictions, this time we are expecting comic strips by anybody (until 14 October). The exhibition is to be organized and formed by the creators depending on material received.
There are various programmes joined with the exhibition: lectures, cartoons, film projections, reading room where the visitors can thumb magazines and books of various subjects regarding comic strip.

Everybody is welcome!

*extract from the writing To Be Cont. by Gergely Nagy that can be read in full on the website of kArton Galéria
•17.00 3 October 2002
Sándor Kertész: Comic Strip in Hungary (lecture with slide projector)
•17.00 8 October 2002
Attila Varró: Connections between Film and Comic Strip
•17.00 9 October 2002
Film projection
•17.00 10. October 2002
Slide projection (slides by Ernő Zórád, Imre Sebők and Pál Korcsmáros)
•17.00 17 October 2002
Sándor Kertész: Which Way?
How does Comic Strip Work and Where can it Develop?
(lecture with slide projector)