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Linear Thoughts – Hommage à Kaján

Exhibition date: 
5 July 2011– 23 August 2011

Linear Thoughts – Hommage à  Kaján

opening:  5 July 2011. 8 p.m.

opened by: János Sugár

on view:  5 July 2011– 23 August 2011

The internationally known and recognised artist of the Hungarian caricature-art, Tibor Kaján, turned 90 this year. On this occasion the kArton Gallery would like to salute the artist with a special exhibition.  The title - Vonalgondolatok -  (Linear Thoughts) is Kaján’s own term for his intellectual type of caricature.

The gallery presents original drawings - with the marks of the working process: rubber marks, scratchings, white covers and sometimes even the handwritten instructions to the printing press.  These drawings are - for the traditional collectors’s way of thinking – „ugly”, although they are most important for the professional point of view, since they emphasise that the original drawings of the era are like this, and espcially precious with these „extra” features.  In addition the gallery presents and sells, for the first time, so called „authorised editions”, these are digital prints that are numbered and signed by the artist.

The gallery also presents a special publication in the exhibition: the facsimile version of Tibor Kaján’s unique sketchbook with more that 60 years of playful doodling, sketches, „linear thoughts”, that has never been published before. 


Curators: János Sugár and Zsuzsanna Benkőv

Kaján Tibor: Fogyatékosság
Kaján Tibor: Önkritika
Kaján Tibor: Pedagógia